Are you CONCERNED about your students’ unaddressed DEFICITS?
Time to start CELEBRATING their SUCCESSES!


Schools across the nation face SHORTAGES of Speech Language Pathologists.

That’s why we are here. Your CASELOAD. COVERED.

When it comes to related services, the AXIS Group strives to make quality therapy accessible to every child, in every school. Our experienced online Speech and Language Pathologists are joined by a commitment to afford every student the liberty to improve.

We PARTNER with schools across the nation who share our VISION of providing QUALITY therapy to students using CUTTING-EDGE technology that yields advantageous EDUCATIONAL gains.

Are you a school administrator who’s:

Contracted with a teletherapy agency only to be met with LACK of communication rather than ABUNDANCE of collaboration

Scrambling to fill vacancies with staff that lack the necessary EXPERIENCE and SKILL to facilitate SIGNIFICANT gains in students’ goals

Skeptical that a student sitting in front of a computer can actually make REAL therapy gains in the REAL world

Struggling to RETAIN on-site therapists who have caseloads too OVERWHELMING to manage

AXIS is here to help YOU.

AXIS therapists place strong emphasis on COLLABORATION with teachers, school administrators, and parents

Our team of fully-certified professionals provide the highest QUALITY in online Speech and Language Therapy

AXIS Therapists are helping students master their IEP goals with the same EFFECTIVENESS as traditional therapy

Our BLENDED approach can help onsite therapists and AXIS teletherapists seamlessly tackle your school’s caseload

See for yourself how AXIS Teletherapy is helping schools around the world:

The AXIS GROUP is comprised of exceptional therapists from around the country who share these core characteristics:


Sitting in a session with a dull therapist is just that…dull. Every AXIS teletherapist is empathetic, engaging, and enthusiastic. That’s why AXIS clients keep asking “When’s my next session?!”


Our waiting room is virtual, but we don’t have a wait time. Reliability, punctuality, and honesty are all key components of an AXIS teletherapist. Our therapists show respect for all races, ethnicities, and genders.


You don’t want your child to be the guinea pig. Our therapists maintain all required state and educational licenses and carry at least 2 years experience working with individuals in their field of practice.

AXIS Teletherapy. Where you need it, when you need it.